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    T-Mobile MyTouch 3G custom ROM

    OK, if you have the MyTouch 3G, you probably just got the Froyo update and it made your phone run like shit. I used this log and rooted the wifes phone and installed this ROM. Phone runs a million time better now.

    If it works, try to paypal the OP a little thank you. I did!!

    Ultimate Guide: How to root any myTouch/Magic and install custom recovery/ROM!!! - xda-developers

    ONLY GOOD FOR THE FENDER AND 1.2 Mytouch (has the 3.5mm jack)

    After you do this, your phone will be rooted and you will be able to flash any future ROMS
    Quote Originally Posted by DonJuan692006 View Post
    As Amon Ra put it:

    "The following instructions :
    will void all warranties of your phone!
    will erase all your userdata!
    will change your current ROM/SPL!
    will change your current splash screen!
    could brick your phone!

    Proceed at your own risk!"

    There's been a lot of questioning about how to root the new 2.2.1 updates that have rolled out for myTouch users to get a custom ROM loaded. So I decided to create an updated guide. I'm writing this as I'm rooting my own myTouch 1.2 so it should be pretty accurate, but we'll find out. Please please please read through this whole post before doing anything! Without further adu, let's begin.

    1. First thing you need to know is what kind of myTouch you have. With the phone turned off, boot into fastboot by holding (back+power). You'll get something that looks like this:

    Sapphire PVT 32A Ship S-on G
    Hboot-1.33.0013 (Sapp31000)
    Oct 21 2009
    What your looking for is whether you have 32A or 32B in the first line and what you've got in the radio line. Write this down for reference later on. (If you have a myTouch with the headphone jack on top, you need to read this first.)

    2. Let's go ahead and get all the downloads out of the way since this is probably the single longest step. Download each of the following items:

    Everyone - AndroidSDK
    Everyone - CyanogenMod 6.1.0-DS
    Everyone - Google Add-on for CM 6.1
    Everyone - Ohsaka Super Wipe
    If you have 32A in the first line (with no headphone jack) - myTouch 32A OC/UV Kernel
    If you have 32B or if you have a headphone jack and your radio is NOT - mytouch 32B OC/UV Kernel
    If you have 32B and your radio is - myTouch 32B Radio OC/UV Kernel

    It may make it easier to put all the files in the same folder once downloaded. For example, open "My Documents" and make a new folder called "Phone Stuff" and put everything in there.

    3. Extract the contents of the "" files to any folder (just make sure you know where). After extracting, using file explorer find the file called "SDK Manager" and open it. When it starts up a window will pop-up with "Choose packages to install" in the upper left-hand corner, just click Cancel. In the left pane, select "Available Packages", then in the right pane, expand "Third party add-ons", then "Google Inc. add-ons", and finally check "Google USB Driver Package". In the bottom right-hand corner, click "Install Selected". In the window that opens, make sure "Accept" is selected, then click install. Select "Yes" in the next window and close everything out.

    4. With the phone powered on and sitting at the home screen, press Menu->Settings->Applications->Development->Look at "USB Debuggin" and make sure it is turned on. Now, plug the phone into the computer with your USB cable. Mount your SD card to the computer using the option in the notification bar. Copy over the CM 6.1, Google Add-on, and the Ohsaka Super Wipe files to the root of your SD card. Also move the OC/UV kernel that you downloaded, make sure it's the right one for your phone type.

    5.Download this, rename it to, and put it on the root of your SD card. Boot into hboot by holding (volume down+power). It'll go through the process of checking the image, then ask you to hit action to continue. Press the trackball in and let it go through the process. When it get's done reboot. Then download this, put it on the root of your SD card. With the phone booted, download/install "Appinstaller" from the market. Use it to install Universal Androot, then run the app, which will root your phone. Once Universal Androot root's your phone, start at Step #6

    6. Now, from the phone, download ROM Manager and SuperUser from the market and install them.

    7. Once they both are installed, open ROM Manager. Click "OK" to both the prompts that come up. At the top, click the "Flash ClockworkMod Recovery" button. A prompt will come up asking you to confirm your phone model. If you have a 32B phone or the myTouch 1.2 (headphone jack), select "ION/MyTouch 3G". If you have a 32A phone, select HTC Magic. Once it has finished flashing, click OK. Scroll to the bottom of the ROM Manager menu and select "Flash Alternate Recovery". If you have a 32B/1.2 phone you should see "RA Recovery v1.7.0G". If you have a 32A you should see "RA Recovery v1.7.0H". Once verified to be correct, select that option and then click OK. Once completed click OK again. Power off your phone.
    NOTE: I use these steps to get Amon Ra's Recovery installed since the steps in this guide will be using it and not Clockwork Mod. If, after getting more familiar with using recovery, you want to use ClockworkMod recovery instead, the steps are the same, just don't select the "Flash alternate recovery" option.

    8. With the phone powered off, hold down (home+power) to get into your new custom recovery. Here you'll use the trackball to navigate the menu's, press the trackball to select, and the back button to go back. From the main menu, select "Backup/Restore", then select Nand backup and press the home button to confirm. Once it's completed the backup, use the back button to get back to the main menu. Select the "Flash zip from sdcard" option, first select the Ohsaka Super Wipe and hit home to confirm, then CM and hit home to confirm, then the Google Add-on file and select home to confirm, and finally the OC/UV kernel and hit home to confirm (once again, make sure you got the right file for your phone).
    NOTE: If you don't get into the custome recovery (you get a picture with a phone and a triangle with exclamation mark) boot back up as normal and repeat step #7.
    NOTE 2: The backup you make is in case anything goes wrong and the ROM doesn't boot. Go back into recovery, select the "Backup/Restore" option, then select the "Nand restore" option. Just click the trackball throught the menus and hit home to confirm when prompted, then reboot.

    9. After flashing all the files, back out to the main menu again and select "Reboot system now". It will take about 5-10 minutes for your phone to boot the first time. Once your in, enjoy.
    NOTE: If you want to reap the benefits of using an OC/UV kernel, you'll need to install SetCPU to govern the CPU clock speed. It can be downloaded from here, unzip it, then copy the .apk over to your SD card. Just use the file explorer in CM 6.1 to install the .apk from your SD card. Read through the first post from that thread if your unfamiliar with using the app.

    Thanks to Amon Ra for his recovery images!
    Thanks to the Cyanogen team for an awesome ROM!
    Thanks to Pershoot for his awesome kernels!
    Thanks to CLShortFuse for his awesome app!
    Thanks to the ClockworkMod team for their awesome app!

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