at low RPMs .... say anything under 1100 it will stall out and WILL NOT restart or even turn over! just a little tick is all you hear. The ONLY way to start it is to pop the clutch! Went to Discount to get the battery tested and the battery is A-OK! so we figured the alternator is good aswell but we NEVER tested it all electronics work ... windows lights ect.... we bought some stuff to pour into the gas tank and sprayed carb cleaner in the throttle body, also we open'd the throttle nearly 90% of the way with that lil screw thing on the throttle body and NOTHING. the rpms didnt raise to 3500 like they should have ... but now it idles at 6 or 7 "hundred" rpms like it typically should but it sounds really really boggy but it still will NOT restart ... any suggestions????? or anyone know what could be the problem is??? remember the trottle is almost completely open on that little screw in the throttle body .... could it be ... also the check engine light comes on and off frequently comes on more or less at a low rpm and goes away at a higher rpm

The ignition???
Plugs and or wires???
Dist. cap and rotor???
or am i f*cked????