This is Tech, NOT the Marketplace!!

You should NOT be posting anything for sale in here, nor be looking to buy any parts in here.

This section is for discussion of the makes and models and to help each other out with technical issues.

If you want to buy or sell some parts, please find the Marketplace. If you are looking to buy or sell Honda parts, please find the Honda Sphere marketplace and post there.

Posting in the Marketplace requires a subscription- info on subscribing is found here:

Any F/S, WTB, or Vendor posts in the Tech section will be deleted, and multiple offenses after warning lead to a vacation from OF.

Also, if you need anything deleted or edited in the marketplace, please feel free to PM me with a link and what needs done!
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OF Car Picture Game

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  • What if your car IS a sex toy?
    12.9 at 108
    Originally posted by HF_ops2005
    i love raw underground gorilla style street scene i guess.


    • Waits for someone to post a pic of their car with their hand in front of the camera.
      1993 Rx7 converting to the darkside!


      • Originally posted by dakotaracer View Post
        What if your car IS a sex toy?
        Easy mode.

        Originally posted by Aloysius
        Whatever you do in bed, we support you.
        Mamiya RB67 / Holy Trinity 50/90/180 and a Canon 5D with L lenses
        1941 Graphic View 4x5 Schneider 180mm


        • Sigh, do I really have to be the one to post up for the next challenge?? Lol
          '11 Nissan Juke
          '07 Buell Blast

          If it doesn't challenge you, it doesn't change you