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The Blasphemy Build Thread

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  • The Blasphemy Build Thread

    I figure i'd share my adventure with the build of the 7. [also an effort to bring something to the table for OF to BS about]

    What it was:
    1993 Touring blk/tan
    GT4094 68mm ind/94mm exd .96 turbine
    Microtech LT10S fuel computer
    bla bla bla

    Heres why I decided to swap it. It had a Kissimmee wiring job by a local shop who will remain unnamed.

    I also needed the money to help take care of my niece, which some select people know about.

    So I sold the rotary setup and started fresh.

    1993 Rx7 converting to the darkside!

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    1993 Rx7 converting to the darkside!


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      And my new bodykit which I have started to put on...

      1993 Rx7 converting to the darkside!


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        Oh hell yes!
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          What kind of power is it making


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            wondering. as a gm tech what is your wiring setup? complete kit from gm with a ecm and throttle pedal or did u buy a 03 ish with cable tb?
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                I actually went with the MSD Atomic because my ribs are busted and I didnt want to do a full harness.

                Wayne, I havent had the chance to dyno it, but [and I use this lightly] the general consensus is that it should be making 430-450whp.

                ls1 alum block
                Zo6 243 heads
                235/243 .621 .624 113LSA cam
                .660 double springs
                chromoly pushrods
                1 7/8 longtubes
                FAST 102
                FAST 33lb injectors
                340lph pump

                but I also spent time on the rotational mass, and got a 25% underdrive pulley, alum flywheel, alum driveshaft, and hope those Gram Light wheels I have make a difference as well.

                It revs really fast surprisingly.

                It spun a bearing so the new plan is to stroke it 383 with forged stuff, steel top rings for N2O later. Im getting the heads milled and reliefed pistons for PtV clearance. Want higher compression.
                There is a guy with a 383 making 530whp and he runs 9.98s with proper setup of course. And I want to spray a 150-200 on top.
                1993 Rx7 converting to the darkside!


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                  How do you like the Atomic?

                  I have the throttle body style kit sitting on my shelf for my BBC, working to get a bigger cam and air gap manifold.
                  Does it adapt quickly, on the initial start up and dial in?


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                    Oh BTW
                    BAD ASS!!!!!


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                      This is really the thing to do, if you own an FD3S. I hear about this thing all the time, but I still have never seen it. Good times, though.
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                        very nice.

                        Couple of K5's. Lifted.

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                          Is this build dedicated to Frodo?
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                          Well, thanks for the compliment but I am not a god or religious figure.


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                            Awesome. LS in anything makes for a good build..


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                              Originally posted by 89gotballz View Post
                              What kind of power is it making

                              Lol, sorry, Ted. I couldn't resist.

                              In all seriousness, I can't wait to see this thing in person.
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