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The Blasphemy Build Thread

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    Originally posted by TEDDER1 View Post
    Blew up the motor, spun a bearing.

    So its getting a forged bottom end and stroked to a 383.

    And I have to paint it. but i am out of town for a while...
    What cr of pistons are you going for. If you keep it 9:1 it would make good power NA and if you wanted to boost it you could later. If your going to go into the motor, might as well get it ready for future upgrades. :-)


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      Im raising compression and spraying it later. I want to make it a road race/track car.

      530ish at the wheels is plenty, then spray for when i want to drag it.
      1993 Rx7 converting to the darkside!


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        If you dont mind the extra 80lbs. You can regap the rings on a LQ4/9 motor and those are good for about 750rwhp out of the junk yard at the low cost of 300-500 dollars. Lots of fbody guys use them for cheap FI builds.
        Originally posted by Einstein
        Last time I checked, henny's gone a lot faster then you and doesn't really have a need to swing on someone else's nuts
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        Originally posted by TC527
        Hit that nigga with the pro tree beeps.


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          Im going to see if my block is ok, and then go from there.
          1993 Rx7 converting to the darkside!