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OF Featured Ride - January 2013 - zoom zoom6

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  • OF Featured Ride - January 2013 - zoom zoom6

    zoom zoom6
    92 RANGER 5spd 2.3L

    When I got it-

    What I did over the weekend for the wife
    30s in the front
    31s in the rear
    Custom front bumper
    custom rear bumper
    custom roll bar
    6 flood lights off a semi
    Custom bully bar
    custom running boards
    rattle can paint job
    custom vinyl for my zombie loving wife

    To say she was happy with her Christmas present is an understatement. We hand built and sandblasted everything at work and assembled it the weekend before Christmas.
    '11 Nissan Juke
    '07 Buell Blast

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    Night and day right there. Makes me think twice about junking my 89 F150


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      Originally posted by Vandrel View Post
      Night and day right there. Makes me think twice about junking my 89 F150

      Dont junk it! Just put in new shocks and bushings rebuild the trans, a little interior work, sound system and a rattle can paint job she will feel like a new car again and ready for another 10 years of duty. Every 10 years or so we do the same with my Dad's 76 Ram pickup. Costs about $8k but its got over 1 MILLION miles. It's been his daily driver from when it was new. We just take care of it. Next time I want to surprise him and put in a new 6.4l Hemi and a TR6060 6sp.

      edit, currently its got a 300hp 360 and a 4sp. When dad passes on, I told him I want to truck so I can pass it on to my kids.
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        I've been using it for moving motors around and towing cars. It's not a bad truck at all, although I had an issue with the ignition system so right now it starts with a 10mm socket :) . My son has been asking what car he is going to get so I may just toss him the truck when the time comes.