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Help with diagnosis

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  • Help with diagnosis

    Help me out guys, this screeching sound comes from the front of the engine between 2-2500rpm and lasts anywhere from 3-15 seconds. All belts that I can see are in great shape. Car idles fine as well. I am terrible at diagnosing. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    Belt shape is irrelevant if they're not tight enough. They could be perfect and still slip on the pulleys.
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      what ted said
      Originally posted by Ric
      Well, thanks for the compliment but I am not a god or religious figure.


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        pull the belt and bend it over 2 fingers. No more than 1 crack per inch.

        How old is the belt?

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          ^these 3

          one of those belts are trashed
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            Does the car have an auto-tensioner or do you have to manually adjust it?


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              it sounds like your blinker fluid is a bit low from leaking on the muffler bearings
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