I am sure we are all aware that Pool Heaters can be quite Costly.
Here at Pool Heater Rentals we offer an alternative way to enjoy your pool year round.
At this time this is only available to those in and or around in Orlando, FL and the neighboring cities.
Please disregard if you do not live in this area.

With Pool heater Rentals we will provide home owners with low monthly payments to heat your pool.
Based on a few qualifying questions we will determine what your monthly payment will be, ranging from $99-$200.
This would be a 5 year contract with an option to buyout of the contract at any point, and own the equipment.

Things to consider -
. No installation charge
. Free 5 year maintenance (no repair costs for home owner)
. Free training on how to operate equipment
. No credit checks
. First payment due after 30 days of install!

All you need to get started is $99 contract fee which is due after install.
If you live in the lower and greater Orlando area and this makes sense to you,
check out our website at POOLHEATERRENTALS.COM
Ask for Jonathan when calling to setup an appointment.
Make it this week, and myself Jonathan can give out a pool blanket for free as well. $200 value.
Have a great day everyone!