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    35F here and in Korea right now. The Army is a faggot, but I sure do love the people I have met and the places I have been. I wouldn't change my decision of joining but definitely won't be re-enlisting. Especially with the jobs I can get when I get due to my MOS.
    U.S. Army- currently stationed at USAG Humphreys, South Korea


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      Originally posted by JohnnyB View Post

      And ChrisWellner, why isn't your family with you in Korea? I believe if you stay there for a few years they allow your family to come with you.
      I'm at a remote location in South Korea. There are no facilities/housing to support having a family here.
      On top of that, you can't bring any family over right now. The military over did it with command sponsorships. It's to the point they had to stop allowing new families coming into country because the wait list for housing got to be 18 months long.
      Just another example of how the military is one huge fail.
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        chriswellner remembers his password, more news at six.
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        Originally posted by ustink007
        girl? who needs them when you can have imaginary ones, especially ones in a computer game........... yes i'm a nerd/dork/techie/loser/moron/stupid bitch.
        Originally posted by Donkey Elephant
        i take things way too literal sometimes.


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          5 years in and two deployments later, I stumbled upon this thread while looking up possible recruiter assignments in my hometown, its funny how much person can change in a few years LOL

          I have nothing but good things to say about my experience. I've jump out of planes and helicopters, done tons of cool training, spent some time in shady locations around the 'stan, got shot at, took cover from mortars, rockets and vbied, so much for the cush aviation life lol but would NOT trade a minute of it.

          I have been lucky to have had good leaders that taught me a lot. Being a fast learner and giving 101% on everything allowed me to fast track and pin staff sergeant in a little over 4 years.

          Even tho I could get out and make 6 figures, I'm looking at my signing my life away again for however long uncle Sam will have me and also looking at the different areas where my experience will serve the army needs best, maybe MI, recruiting, drill, warrant or sof.