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    If you are looking for something fun, grueling and gives you the opportunity to be elite...You don't want to miss the Green Beret Challenge on Dec 6th at Rock on Adventures in West Orlando. This is a "Do NOT MISS" event. The challenges range in degree of difficulty and are attainable by all ages, gender, shape and size. Individuals negotiate an 8+ mile rigorous course designed by U.S. Special Forces that provides adventure, unique challenges & obstacles, and the opportunity to "Define Yourself"…In the end, you will cross the finish line wanting more.

    Don't be intimidated by the name. Bring your mental muscles, desire to compete and push yourself beyond your perceived limitations. SPECIAL OPS' Series believes the ingredients for success are mind over matter, leadership and a "Never Quit" attitude for participants to define themselves and walk away with a sense of pride and self-accomplishment. Check us out on facebook at: or our website at: Special Ops Series Use the promo code: SOS to save 10% during registration

    For more info go to:
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    I'd be into this stuff if I had health insurance.
    Haters gonna hate.
    Originally posted by Make7upyours728
    The nurse swabbed my inner thighs, shaft, sack & even my taint with betadine and now my whole crotch looks like I was on the jersey shore. It was cold and kinda tickled. No arousal to report
    Originally posted by Zan
    No offences but I dont believe being a dj is that much differnt then sucking 50 dicks


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      Is it me or does that website not work? Was trying to look at the gallery and nothing showed up
      Detailing page

      Originally posted by 89gotballz
      Hyu is now Hyu again, Rusty larry or whatever was once hyu while so was all the other people. But after the most recent swap, hyu became hyu while dusty larry gave up hyu and became crusty larry