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Ticket for turning right on red light

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  • Ticket for turning right on red light

    I recently received a citation by a intersection camera showing that I made a right turn on a red light. This was an unfamiliar area that I'd never been to before and didn't know that turning was prohibited. This is the first time I've received this type of violation. Is it worth contesting? I'm in the white sedan as the light turns red. As the light turns red I'm scanning the intersection to see if the turning vehicles opposite me have began to turn, this is why I didn't see the "no turning" arrow.

    red light from CO user on Vimeo.
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    Even if that no turn wasn't there, you still didn't come to a complete stop at the red light. If you were making a legal turn on red your front wheels have to come to a complete stop behind the yellow line. You can try ticket clinic though


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      Today, again, the bright sun and the glare on the windshield are enraged, most of all I'm afraid that I will not notice the pedestrian in the glare and will demolish (it was already twice). My wife proposes putting black velvet on a supra dash torpedo, but somehow I canít imagine it, if you just put it, then it's porn, if you glue, how will the passenger cushion work? Maybe there are some companies that can make up skin or something non-glare (this was not the case on one machine, the windshield is not tinted)