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  • Syria

    I just don't know.... and I'm sure that there is/are other events going out there that we (or the world) don't know of. I guess war never does end...

    Exclusive: Videos show glimpse into evidence for Syria intervention -
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    We shouldn't be involved in Syria.
    Haters gonna hate.
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      I have two friends from Damascus. Both of them said separately that the people out there are so fundamentally religious you have to have a dictator to keep them in check.
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        I don't understand why we would care to even be involved?
        do they have oil?

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          International Law.


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            We need to stay our asses at home.


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              Just another lie buy the united states government to get us to go to war with another country. You don't see them talking about how the Rebels took over a special research secretive research base in december that was said to be a chemical weapons research base. Or that a special group from Israel that is designed to track chemical weapons in Syria actually seen the Rebels loading Chemical weapons into trucks and preparing them to be launched. All it takes is a Rebel group working with the US Government that are known terrorists to attack a city with chemical weapons giving us that reason to go over there and attack after blaming it on Assad. Just like when Saddam supposedly gassed his own people yet a CIA Report on the incident stated that the only country in the region at the time with those exact chems was Iran and they did not believe saddam did it. Just like the WMDs that were magically never found. America needs to wake up and stop believing the mainstream media and that our Government is not capable of creating lies to further there Military and Political purpose.


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                Lets see Assad Supposedly bombed his own people so lets go bomb his people as well to get him back. Makes a lot of sense yet our Country continues to go further into debt and become a laughing stock our money is worth crap but we have lots of weapons and bombs so its ok. Britain talked big and backed down once the Parliament voted yet Obama does not give a shit about the voice of anyone yet alone his people. We have no right to get involved look at Iraq billions spent yet we leave and they can barely create there own army to continue the fight and the same terrorist group that use to be a friend of this country will come back with force and move back into the region and the Talibans rain shall continue. We should focus on the problems of this country not the problems of any other country they have been fighting in that region for thousands of years it is bread into there way of life and it will never change unless they change it themselves.

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                  I agree with everyone else. We have to much shit going on in our country and our military doesn't need to go out and play world police again.
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                    Can someone provide a link or a quick synopsis of how "democracy" has been doing in the middle east? What improvements have been made since we "first" were there bombing 9/11...?


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                      Yeah,stay home !
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                        Originally posted by V II N View Post
                        Can someone provide a link or a quick synopsis of how "democracy" has been doing in the middle east? What improvements have been made since we "first" were there bombing 9/11...?
                        Thus far, it has received mixed reviews.

                        Here is a documentary worth watching:

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                          Russia backs US demand for Syria to hand over chemicals and destroy them...!


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                            The United states have so much proof yet Obama and Kerry have not shown it to the world. We are not just going to sit here and say oh they said it so it's true like Iraq and 9/11.