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Now Obama supports the Ex-Im Bank?

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  • Now Obama supports the Ex-Im Bank?

    whatever happened to this Obama?

    just curious what the liberals/progressives on the board think of this?
    Originally posted by Nathan Lewis' testimony before congress
    According to a study of 775 floating currencies...the average life expectancy of a floating fiat currency was found to be 27 years.
    Originally posted by Ron Paul's Farewell Address
    Real patriotism is the willingness to challenge the government when it's wrong.
    أحمد حكمي

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    I want to know who voted for him both times?


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      Also I love how he said he would cut programs that do not work. He even bashed "wasteful" spending. What's he do, spend more than all the presidents.... Combined. Now for the idiots who voted for this liar are putting that bill on our kids and grand kids...and that's if we cut the federal government in 1/2 at this point. Taxes are going to go through the roof to pay for all this spending he has done. When it does and people complain, we have a bunch of Obama supports to hang for this. ESP anyone who voted for the 2nd term.

      If anyone thinks government run health care works....look at the VA or any other country with Social run health care. It simply has never worked.