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    Originally posted by ThatWhiteGuy View Post
    oh we are talking about 2 diff places. the one i am lookin at is a rifle/pistol range/club. the voluisa skeet/trap club is VERY nice and only cost 25$ a yr IIRC. i just dont have time to shoot there as much a i want. pm me any time you wanna go shoot some trap on a sun.

    i am looking at voluisa gun and hunt club.
    Yeah they have a shotgun range there i thought
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      hmmm idk i did not see a skeet/trap range. only thing they said about shotguns was their "cqb" house. it is kinda a joke.
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        Originally posted by Doc Holliday View Post
        I joined the scgaa to get away from the idiots at public ranges.
        How do you like SCGAA? I live about 5 minutes from there and thought about joining. How are the public days? Are they swamped with idiots or are they actually decent?
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