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    Originally posted by Azn Kenny View Post
    I have heard that issue in the first batch of gen 4s but I believe Glock has fixed that with a new recoil spring. I've only owned gen 3s and have never experienced that.

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    See, right there in internet speak, 50,000 people just got smacked with brass.

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      I've never even seen one and I got hit with brass.
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      Originally posted by The Editor
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        I've got a g27 gen 4 .40 and fired 1000+ rounds thru it now and I don't get hit with brass (but the people in the stall to my right do) and when I'm at eoss, they all sit on top of the stall and it rains shells when I bring my target in to swap it out.

        I must say that I really do love my glock. I've fired all kinds of ammo through it and never had a single issue( like many others) but she bangs compared to my dads 92fs of my moms c-9.( 40vs 9 but wow what a difference)
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        Originally posted by rokudan
        You don't have to have owned something to not be interested in it's competing product...

        I do not own any gay porn starring <famous gay porn actor>, and yet I am not interested in any other gay porn either...