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Thinking about picking up an AR-10. Any opinions, thoughts?

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  • Thinking about picking up an AR-10. Any opinions, thoughts?

    Mostly looking for opinions from actual AR-10 owners. (I know Armalite owns the AR-10 name, I am not however just talking about theirs.)

    Any opinions, things I should look for, etc?

    I am a bit of a cheap ass (Don't flame please) so I don't really wanna spend more than $1500 on one. (not including optics in that price)

    Thanks OF.

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    Might be kinda hard to find with that price with the gun shortage going on after the talks of gun ban


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      ^ this, good buddy of mine works gun shows and he said AR's in general price went thru the roof.

      Also pm'd ya some info i had on an AR-10
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        AR10 - AR15.COM

        Check here and you might get lucky. Be on top of it and be ready to post "I'll take it" as fast as possible good deals go fast!