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My Spikes factory pistol

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  • My Spikes factory pistol

    Have not posted in a while. It's a future SBR. But for now it will look like this until my stamp comes in. I also have to send it out for the engraving...
    Spikes pistol with 8.1" barrel
    Vortex Sparc II
    Stark AFG
    Spikes Barking Spider Muzzle Brake
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    Jealous as fuck, enjoy, man. She's beautiful.
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      Thanks man. It got a lot of attention at the range because people saw me taking it out of my book bag to assemble haha
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        Man I want a SBR so bad but right now I can't justify a toy for that much.
        Canon 7d: Tokina 10-17mm fisheye; Sigma 24-70 f2.8; Canon 85mm f1.8; Canon 430ex.


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          I sold one of my ARs to fund this one. Only thing out of pocket was the Sparc and the grip. I heard that the SBR laws might change. Which is probably a bunch of BS, but I wanted to have an SBR anyway. The FN CHF barrel is supposed to be accurate past 100yds. It is a 8.1 opposed to the popular 7.5" barrel. The AR pistol in my opinion is not a range toy or plinker. It is an effective weapon. Especially being able to reach out and touch past 100yds in such a small package. It is not a precision rifle by any means lol, but it is my favorite long gun (using that term loosely). Over my Colt AR and WASR.
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