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The car Excelsior is trying to create.....

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  • The car Excelsior is trying to create.....

    Quadcam hatch club.

    This Space For Rent.

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    Completely BAD@$$!!! Gives me ideas and inspires me to keep working on my car! I've seen pictures of this before on, but this is the most detail that I've seen. I want to say that an Internet search that I previously did turned up a price of about $85k for this, but I'm not sure.

    My only criticism would be the interior. It's nice, no doubt about that, but with such a spacy exterior, I think he should've done more with the dash than just a few analog gauges and a couple low-mounted screens.

    Love the doors -- I've always loved gull-wing doors since the Bricklin and the Delorean.
    And when I came to, I had a VISION! A REVELATION! A PICTURE IN MY HEAD! A picture of THIS! The FLUX CAPACITOR!

    Experimental ZX2,