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    Moving out of an apartment - What are we responsible for?

    My wife and I have been living the same apartment for the past two years, but our lease is up at the end of August and we are moving to a different complex.
    We have been good tenants the whole time, paid rent on time, quiet, etc. But now that we are moving out, I feel like the apartment complex is trying to nickle-and-dime us on our way out.

    What are we required to do when moving out, and what is the apartment complex responsible for?

    Example, they want us to clean the carpets before we leave or pay them $50 to do it. The carpet was not new when we moved in.
    They also want us to replace the little trays that go under the burners on the stove (or pay them $20 to do it).
    I feel like both things should be the complex's responsibility to do before the new owners move in. These are both normal wear-and-tear items.

    Things like patching holes in the wall (like from nails) I can understand.

    If we don't do these things, what repercussions could there be?
    We did not put down any kind of security deposit when we moved in (the complex was running a special).

    Finally, my dog chewed several holes in the carpet when he was a puppy ( picture here ).
    I am still getting estimates to fix this, but I am wondering if it is even worth fixing if the price is too high.


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    When I moved out of my old apt they were the same way. I lived there for about 4years, never paid rent late was a good tenant, my apt was pretty much spotless minus the one spot in the carpet in front of the couch. They charged me $40 to clean the carpet. I always replaced the burners pans on the stove, its like $10 at walmart. The new place we are in I even bought new black ones, it just went better than the silver ones that were there. I also cleaned off as many marks on the walls as I could with those magic eraser sponges.

    Good luck with the whole move out process. If you feel like they are going to try and stiff you take pictures of the apt after you move everything out and clean up.
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    It should say exactly what you are responsible for in the lease agreement. If not you have the option to fight it if you want to squabble over $70 dollars. (or more if its other things)

    For future reference take pics of the whole place before you move into the new place. The place my gf lived in last year tried to fuck her on the carpets until she busted out the old dirty pics the day before she moved in. They shut up pretty quickly.
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    they can only charge you the prorated cost of replacement of the carpet based upon it's useful lifespan. So, if you moved in and the carpet was 1 year old and now 2 years later you move out...that's 3 years of lifespan. If the carpet is a 10 year carpet, then they can charge you 70% of the carpet replacement cost.
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    Was in an apt for 1.5yrs. I can't remember if the carpet was new. I patched all the holes and cleaned the walls as best I could. The cats ruined 2 areas just like your puppy. In the end after everything we ended up paying about $400. Same as you, there was no security deposit. Take photos before you move out, and have them come inspect everything and go over it with them before leaving. They tried it with a few things for us and there was picture proof, but still got screwed on the carpets.
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