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  1. Ticket for turning right on red light
  2. Car stolen by unlicensed driver and public property damage
  3. insulin syringes
  4. Is Skateboarding Downtown Illegal?
  5. Freeway onramp metering
  6. rear ended
  7. Having a fire arm in your vehicle
  8. Length of time required to hold FR-44 Insurance?
  9. 8 years to process a DUI and now need an ignition interlock?????
  10. Pulled over for 71 in a 55.
  11. Help with red-light camera viloation
  12. registering a rebuilt title in orlando.
  13. Do I need insuance on my moped?
  14. "Trespassing" or General Question
  15. FL reckless speed limit?
  16. License reinstatement from 2008 DUI (2nd offense)
  17. Elected to do Community Service in lue of ticket payment :-/
  18. Tattoo Policy Orange County Sherff's office in Florida
  19. expired registration ticket, not a fix it ticket?
  20. Be my friend on FB...........
  21. Red Light camera ticket - Wife driving my car WTF?
  22. STREET RACING.............. It's a Whacky Noo Noo
  23. Why do I need Insurance or a DL?
  24. Rate my cop
  25. Salvage Vehicle / Registering after rebuild
  26. License Plate Cover
  27. Business/Residence district (speeding)
  28. speeding ticket w/ an unregistered car
  29. insurance issue
  30. New Driver's 1 Year Restriction
  31. In an accident and cited for careless driving
  32. Hit & Run Options.
  33. question
  34. License suspended. Can cops see that through running my plates? * a diff situatiion
  35. Repo??
  36. DWLS First offense
  37. Boat registrations
  38. Whom Is At Fault (Pedistrian -vs- Car)
  39. Ticket with wrong info?
  40. Driving While Suspended, but may be an illegal stop?
  41. Parking - which way in.
  42. Punishment for fatal crash......... execution
  43. Property question about roadside parking
  44. Ask a Trooper
  45. dui car insurance
  46. Title Car Without a Title?
  47. What documents should UK driver carry when driving?
  48. Hit from behind and charged with improper lane change.
  49. Taking Traffic School...
  50. Out Of City Cops
  51. baby seat in pickup truck
  52. Need legal advice for incident at work
  53. Question regarding firearm discharge
  54. Lawyer needed recommendations
  55. Traffic/Accident Lawyer Needed
  56. question
  57. White lights on the front of a car
  58. Headphones while driving
  59. find tags
  60. no bumper ticket?
  61. CJBAT and FHP PAT
  62. Violation of Right Lane Must Turn Right
  63. Exhaust rising above tail lights
  64. Alcohol + Power Wheels + Downtown = DUI?
  65. how much can i do till it become street illegal
  66. 51 in a 45
  67. Online Mugshots
  68. Other than being immoral, is there anything illegal about...
  69. how can i find out what happened?
  70. Car accident, worth calling an attorney?
  71. Questions About Evicting a Roommate?
  72. A bike a sold over a year ago still in my name...
  73. Was in a wreck. Question
  74. Alcoholic DUI infested ex wife still driving
  75. In regards to loud parties.
  76. Tags
  77. Suing someone for not paying for services
  78. M Davis, is this you?
  79. Red light camera
  80. title question
  81. Someone on the Forum
  82. How can I try to lose the points on this infraction?
  83. Can you use deadly force to protect yourself while driving? (gun)
  84. Retarded drivers...
  85. Bait Cars
  86. Jeep vs. Drunk Bicyclist
  87. tinted taillights
  88. lights off at night.
  89. impersonating an officer?
  90. Curious to what some officers think about this article
  91. drivers license
  92. How high and how low??
  93. how much is this ticket going to cost?
  94. What to do about someone oweing me $$$
  95. What to do about threating text messages and/or calls?
  96. Teamwork DUI
  97. Disabled parking permit question
  98. Made up speed? on a speeding ticket?
  99. 16 year old with rifles?
  100. WTF is up with these dumb local car meets?
  101. driving a rental, not in your name
  102. Jury summons question
  103. Got pulled over last night, and now I have questions... LOL
  104. So here is how my night went.
  105. If I...
  106. Horn on a vehicle?
  107. Not guilty on VOP, what about...
  108. WOW....
  109. statute on ticket doesnt match whats in system?
  110. Does Castle Doctrine cover friends?
  111. Cop Not Presenting Ones Self?
  112. insurance question
  113. Hypotheticals
  114. Raped by 316.191
  115. Lane closed! :/
  116. Mark?
  117. Got a subpoena.
  118. what happens if you
  119. Traffic Infraction - What does it mean?
  120. Ticket not filed...
  121. UNDERGLOW and MOTORCYCLE license plate position
  122. 5 tickets this morning wtf =/
  123. Vin verification
  124. More gang related fun...
  125. Video recording a traffic stop
  126. Quick question
  127. ticket, or arrest for driving fatigued?
  128. Legal??
  129. This is getting ridiculous
  130. Question about my boat
  131. Thief trap legality?
  132. what does "add on fingerprints" mean?
  133. Serious Question
  134. Intersting video....
  135. Who to call to report...
  136. more an insurance question
  137. I got a letter....
  138. address on license?
  139. Drunk driver not being charged???
  140. What happens?
  141. how much for a new license?
  142. I got a ticket in jax for 316.1975 on 02/23
  143. Big Brother Camera Traffic Ticket!
  144. Aren't I supposed to sign something?
  145. Would it be illegal...
  146. Accident Question
  147. am annoyed
  148. Fake Caller ID application for Iphone and Andriod phones
  149. Court for a ticket that says I don't have to go?
  150. MS 13
  151. Traffic attorney
  152. Truck impounded
  153. got a ticket yesterday for my lights.
  154. Question about those ticket printers
  155. Advice? Ticket for Improper Lane Change
  156. Car with No Title + Towing on Dolly Questions
  157. Hit and Run
  158. can a cop drop charges?
  159. no tag light ticket...
  160. Do you agree that this ticket is pointless?
  161. if i lost my ccw permit and have ordered a new id card can i still carry?
  162. Fix it ticket 316.610
  163. Question about recovered stolen car
  164. does anyone know where i go to....
  165. Any one on child support? (questions inside)
  166. Stop Sign Question
  167. Orange county Deputy loses life in Line of duty
  168. jury duty, failed to call on correct day.
  169. Stupid Cyclist
  170. Stray Cats
  171. I have a few questions of legality...
  172. Vehicle Pursuits
  173. All wrong info on ticket, now not in the system.
  174. car with expired tag park in front of my house in a culdisac.
  175. Is it illegal to tape record or video record my court hearing?
  176. Online traffic school
  177. Ticket for seatbelt, i had it on the entire time...
  178. I need help. and advice
  179. East Colonial UFO transport mystery
  180. Are the yellow diamond shaped signs around turns/curvy roads a limit?
  181. need help with understanding a ticket!
  182. So is the whole city of Orlando and surrounding areas a recording studio now?
  183. Dog Fighting
  184. Ticket
  185. Driving w/ out a CDL
  186. Hit and run
  187. Need a copy of my Registration, how do I get one?
  188. When can Police pull over?
  189. Is it illegal...
  190. question for Mdavis
  191. Late ticket - What happens?
  192. Need some advice on divorce
  193. how would this situation get handled?
  194. Anything to lose for taking speeding ticket to court?
  195. Noisy kids at 7am...
  196. Legality of using an out of state license in FL while "living here"
  197. traveling with a handgun in your vehicle
  198. Bumper Height
  199. Orlando Stops...
  200. Confronting a burglar (car or home)
  201. Are there any points on these 2 tickets?
  202. NOVA Agency?
  203. Aggressive Driving
  204. Florida Hardship License
  205. Toll Violation
  206. Time length for citation to become avail online.
  207. Easy one for you - turning right on red
  208. Red Light Cameras
  209. Illegally parked vehicles
  210. If I'm pulled over in a rental car, contract q?
  211. Who has rights????
  212. parking on sidewalks
  213. insurance cancelation=license suspension?
  214. Pelican case chained to a pole?
  215. 528 issue i had with a cop
  216. trying to repo friends car...it's wrecked...
  217. pocket bikes
  218. film vs digital in court
  219. Tickets for running a red light...
  220. How to go about sueing a person with no car insurence
  221. For those of you, who, like me, don't wear their seatbelts...
  222. Silly Piggy...
  223. Question regarding retired interceptors
  224. Legality of HID headlights in FL?
  225. Driving Record?
  226. hypothetical situation
  227. Dirt Bikes on County Property
  228. Ticketed for flashing lights to warn others of cops
  229. i searched i swear! anyway, question about consent to search a vehicle
  230. Passing on the right.
  231. question for a lawyer..could i sue my school over this?
  232. Riding in the bed of a pickup truck?
  233. Fireworks illegal?
  234. If you get arrested........
  235. wrong info on citation.
  236. Getting screwed out of parts.. anything i can do?
  237. Who gets the ticket?
  238. fighting speeding ticket
  239. seat belt question
  240. background employment question
  241. reproduction of copyright material/plagarism question
  242. Driving w/o a license?
  243. Traffic School, whats my citation #??
  244. MDavis gets a Veyron?!!
  245. Regristration question
  246. Best area around Deltona to be a cop
  247. Memory lane......
  248. my funny story yesterday (got pulled over lol)
  249. Funny thing happened at work today (Don't Laugh)
  250. street racing