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  1. Trump was RIGHT about McCain
  2. Now Obama supports the Ex-Im Bank?
  3. new sunrail train crashes woman infiniti
  5. Egon, but never forgotten. :-(
  6. Man arrested for recycling
  7. George Zimmerman just can't keep himself out of trouble... In jail, no bond!
  8. Syria
  9. Idiot fast food workers and their 15hr wants
  10. Ted Talk: Ron Finley on Guerrilla Gardening
  11. Man kills wife then post it on fb
  12. Al Qaeda threats and prison breaks...
  13. Plant explosions in the US
  14. Mah n*ga
  15. This Just Hurts To Watch
  16. white man beaten by 2 black teens in sanford
  17. 10 car options the law won't let you have
  18. Rick Scott and the Florida Legislature: Adding to the prison population>
  19. Mercenaries at Boston Bombing???
  20. Further Proof God is Dead?
  21. Boston bombers turn out to be Chechen
  22. This kid is messed up
  23. Would you? Be honest...
  24. Hugo Chavez dies after 2 year battle with cancer
  25. Dhs contract for 2700 light armored vehicles
  26. prozac possibly endangering aquatic life
  27. Seeking Orlando Families to Host Students - Supplemental Income
  28. can pres be more of a dork?
  29. North Korea detonates its 3rd nuke
  30. Resume: I killed Bin Laden. Okay, and?
  31. Christopher Dorner - ex-cop cop-killer
  32. Anybody following the Christopher Dorner story?
  33. Marlin WINS!!
  34. Failed Assassination Attempt on a Bulgarian Politician
  35. How to win a Fishing Tournament
  36. Floridans, why you so crazy?
  37. No more Loud Music Law?
  38. Libor scandal grows as the fathers of two mass murderers were to testify
  39. Westboro Baptist can go fuck thereselves too.
  40. Fuck these kind of people man, seriously.
  41. FHA to possibly need bailout
  42. iconic Hostess declaring bankruptcy
  43. 7 hours ago, Colorado was engulfed in hell fire and roving motorcycle bands...
  44. New political party!!! "Where's the nearest bar?" party
  45. Authorities seek woman's attacker
  46. Warning: Do not eat the cockroach
  47. man shot and killed bugler
  48. another win for flordia
  49. Spain Austerity protests
  50. You can't make this stuff up....
  51. RPG attack kills US ambassador in Libya
  52. Jerry the king
  53. Problems, all over the world...
  54. don't startle the cops, they might just shoot you
  55. pres getting his wish
  56. Guy killed in back of squad car
  57. don't buy a knife at a gun fight
  58. nearly 1 MILLION CCL's in Florida...
  59. and right on que, here comes the proposed Assault Weapons Ban
  60. 14 dead at midnight Batman showing
  61. self-defense shooting at an Ocala cyber cafe
  62. 3 separate California cities bankrupt
  63. RIP Sergio Pininfarina
  64. And now for some REAL news: Higgs-Boson sub-atomic particle found
  65. NO bath salts or other street drugs found in his system, only marijuana
  66. shit makes me sick
  67. i would have done the same
  68. Senator Paul endorses Romney
  69. Another gruesome flesh eating attack reported
  70. Solar flare 2012 the count down is now
  71. 08 Lyman grad wanted by FBI
  72. Al Shabab moving up in the world
  73. Ted Nugent/Glenn Beck interview **** worth the watch
  74. RIP. Carroll Shelby.
  75. "likes" are not Free Speech
  76. Student forgotten in cell for 5 days will sue DEA
  77. Home Invasion in East Orlando.
  78. 2 Florida bicyclists killed.
  79. House Passes CISPA - Time to act.
  80. Why Rick Scott? Why you scarring me like this bro?
  81. Orlando Sentinel now Charging to read their website
  82. police kill Texas man's dog
  83. Mars
  84. NK 'satellite' goes boom
  85. Brush fire! Green tree & Royal Manor being evacuated!
  86. Mali government overthrown by junior officers.
  87. Anyone want to go in 2016?
  88. You have got to be fucking kidding me
  89. TSA at it again
  90. "war on porn"
  91. So..That's how this Republic Primary works...
  92. Orlando Traffic Rated F
  93. Guy was lonely..
  94. If you see a fireball in the sky...
  95. Who cares about the economy or wars.....Obamas not American!
  96. Hank For Senate
  97. Heart Attack Grill diner has heart attack
  98. No Fap February
  99. This is for all those who believe the new unemployment numbers
  100. The Forgotten Man Painting
  101. Republican Primaries tomorrow...
  102. WTF Tea Party!
  103. ICP lol
  104. Rick Santorum: I never said ‘black people’ , i said "Bluh people"
  105. Boehner shuts off C-SPAN cameras as GOP takes verbal beating
  106. Man Eats Cocaine From Brother's Butt, Dies
  107. Man Wins Then Crashes $380G Lamborghini
  108. Lots of people about to be screwed...
  109. kim jong il - deceased
  110. Amway...Arena
  111. Indefinite detention bill passed congress
  112. Christmas is no longer christmas?
  113. Iran and our Spy Drone
  114. the Fed funneled 7.7T$ to banks
  115. Trouble brewing in the Horn of Africa
  116. Want cheaper gas prices, and Jobs created??? To bad
  117. Since fall of Qaddafi regime, Libya suffering from tribal violence
  118. Politics for dummies
  119. Husband loses 198lbs after a bet with his wife
  120. Prison Food
  121. MF Global files for bankrupcy
  122. New York Police Are Redirecting ‘Drunks’ And ‘Aggressive’ People To Occupy Protest
  123. Anonymous Takes On A Mexican Drug Cartel
  124. 16-foot python found in everglades
  125. Muslim students complaining about private catholic university
  126. Is this necessary?
  127. Obama: FHFA to help homeowners refinance...
  128. 19 arrested in 'Occupy Orlando'
  129. Gadhafi Dead
  130. dan wheldon dies in 15-car wreck at Las Vegas Indy 300
  131. man ges fired for waering american flag pin
  132. Dude shoots himself in the head with an 'unloaded' gun
  133. Obama starting another war?
  134. Crips vs US military
  135. Feds wreck Ferrari and dont have to pay
  136. Yay for more religious violence (of a slightly different sort)
  137. News reporting Steve Jobs is dead
  138. Pizza delivery guy calls cops on customer who smoked marijuana
  139. reno air show crash
  140. Wheelchair-Bound Vietnam Vet Uncovers Multimillion Dollar Medicaid Fraud
  141. Eh?
  142. Congress and Unemployment
  143. Andy Whitfield Dies.
  144. Qaddafi is a sick bastered
  145. Fast and The Furious Canada- NOT!
  146. cop got caught
  147. NJ to have toy-gun buy back program.
  148. Dumb woman is dumb.
  149. high-ranking Fast and Furious Op leaders booted-pasted
  150. Political Chain E-mail
  151. Pakistan: another Al Qaeda leader killed
  152. Qatar's involvemment in Libya...
  153. guns don't kill people...
  154. a warrior and his dog: "loyal to the end"
  155. International Space Station-Bound Supply Ship Explodes, Crashes in Siberia Read more
  156. The End For Gadaffi? - Huffington Post
  157. 65 arrested in White House protest of oil pipeline
  158. West Memphis 3 are free
  159. Syria
  160. Obama: Al Assad must resign
  161. France, Italy, Greece anti-deficit austerity measures
  162. London rioting, burning to the ground
  163. US law enforcement sites hacked
  164. Scumbag gas stations finally have to obey the law
  165. 5 Katrina LEOs convicted of killings, coverup, civil rights abuses
  166. S&P downgrades US Debt
  167. Six California police officers placed on leave in homeless man's death
  168. U.S. Debt reaches 100% GDP
  169. old news, BUT: Paul co-introduces bill allowing states to legalize MJ
  170. If Anyone's Interested...
  171. we all know the debt ceiling bill passed, here's how your rep voted
  172. Bentley Azure Crashes into Four Other Expensive Cars in Monaco
  173. Golf cart cities?
  174. Yeah this is the kind of guy we need as President.
  175. DEA raids wrong house
  176. muslim soldier planning to attack Ft. hood soldiers arrested
  177. Great Grandma shot in the face
  178. Bruce Lee's dad attacked him with Samurai Swords!
  179. FDA to monitor medical mobile phone apps
  180. another nuclear scientist assassinated
  181. Right Wing terrorist: Norway bombings, massacre
  182. Amy Winehouse Found Dead....
  183. Taxpayers lose 1 billion on chrysler
  184. What $114,500,000,000,000 visually looks like in $100 dollar bills
  185. Operation "Fast and Furious"
  186. SFPD allegedly Shoots and Kills Unarmed 19yr old Man over $2 Bus Fair
  187. Tribe meets white man for the first time
  188. Government spending money on BS again
  189. TSA gropes you. Not the other way around!
  190. Another law abiding citizen arrested for filming the police
  191. 3 girls busted for illegal lemonade stand
  192. girl killed herself to save her family
  193. Girl Sues Her Father For Allegedly Causing Road Rage Shooting
  194. Man gets jailed for cashing a check....
  195. 'Officer Of The Year,' Arrested For Dealing Methamphetamine
  196. The College scam- John Stossel
  197. 2.7 billion dollar computer, doesn't work
  198. Huge dust storm hits Arizona
  199. You think florida schools are bad..
  200. Cisco to sell China sophisticated monitoring equipment
  201. NWS.....dudes in Kenya steal potatoes = burn
  202. SunRail
  203. Way to put Florida on the map TSA!!!!
  204. New Service Adds Your Drunken Facebook Photos To Employer Background Checks
  205. wanted man updates Facebook status during 16-hour stand-off Read more: http://www.sm
  206. Mother of the year!
  207. Orlando Anonymous?
  208. Ryan Dunn dead at 34
  209. car found in pond
  210. SHIT BURGER: Japanese Researcher Creates Artificial Meat From Human Feces
  211. Anonymous Targets the Federal Reserve
  212. Who's voting for Ron Paul?
  213. More Prick Scott fun
  214. Two main components of coffee cups and carry out containers identified as cancer-caus
  215. Cartels kidnapping bus passengers for gladiator like fights to the death
  216. Angry Birds: Crows Attack Police
  217. South Beach 'B-Girls' admit guilt in booze scam
  218. Jobs, me, Unions, Obama, and South Carolina....
  219. High Coffee Intake May Cause Auditory Hallucinations
  220. Cop arrested in Federal Corruption case
  221. China's First Aircraft Carrier Nearly Ready For Launch
  222. What the **** is wrong with the city of Whorelando
  223. Department of Education: no knock raids
  224. Antimatter Trapped for Nearly 17 Minutes
  225. 8th Grade Girls Attack/Strip 11-Year-Old Boy
  226. New Al Qaeda Video: American Muslims Should Buy Guns, Start Shooting People
  227. Homeowners Foreclose on Bank
  228. Another one of our rights has been stripped from us
  229. Guy dies after being 'punched for $5 bet' by 22-year-old woman at a party
  230. NASCAR Wedding!
  231. prisoners forced to play video games
  232. Good old Ricky at it again!
  233. Obama is unanimously opposed by the senate! lol
  234. Jared Loughner: incompetent for trial.
  235. Casey Anthony Trial.... thoughts?
  236. Saw that Rip Off Gas Station on the news again
  237. Orlando again ranks as the nation's most dangerous U.S. city for pedestrians
  238. TSA to oversee searches at Santa Fe prom
  239. Missouri: over 100 confirmed tornado deaths
  240. Obama: Israel to have '67 border...?
  241. TV Pro Wrestler Randy 'Macho Man' Savage Dies in Car Accident
  242. End of the 5/21/2011
  243. Philly Police violate mans rights, then try to cover it up
  244. Make sure you come to a full stop before the white line
  245. da fuk?
  246. NHL player Boogaard dead at 28
  247. Angry mob chases off LSU flag burner
  248. Made in USA ftw
  249. Ron Paul...2012
  250. FDA Approves Study of Cannabis for PTSD