Hey there!

Thought I'd give the ol' Orlando Forums a shot at reaching out to all of you! I'm here in hopes to make a connection and build some bridges! Maybe even make a friend or two. I'd love to help someone who wants their vision, ideas, logos, or concepts brought to fruition! If you need something retouched, redrawn, customized, or something new altogether, just STOP! I can do all that.
Illustration, cartoon, comic style, you name it. If those tickle your fancy - then I'm your guy!

I've got:
- Many years of drawing experience. Traditional and digital.
- Comfortable working in front of a computer or at a drawing desk.
- Photoshop, Illustrator, and even MS PAINT! lol
- 3D Modeling experience
- Thoroughly enjoys working with a team. But I'm A-OK working on my own.
- Have reliable transportation

If interested JUST HIRE ME! No, seriously though, please feel free to reply to this post. Send me a private message :D I look forward to bringing your ideas to life!

Thank you so much!


Feel free to follow me on my various public medias.
Instagram: Mayhemomega
Facebook: Arts and Drawings of Noel
... my, uh, website's in the works so... no links there JUST yet

Posted are a few personal projects all sketched, colored by yours truly! Few examples of colored work, sketches, and various final images for myself or clients.

All characters are their respective owners. The images were all sketched, colored, and finalized by me. 2016-17

Thanks a lot for scoping my stuff out! I hope to hear from you!
Or work for you :D