Applied Business & Economic Statistics a computer Integrated Approach (Hardcover)

by Kenneth R. White (Author), Jr Kenneth R white (Author), Keri K. White (Author), James A. Xander (Author)

ISBN: 0536254559 978-0536254559

Required text for ECO3411 with White

Looks new. Bookstore tried to make you buy the $200+ package with Minitab and the online component but they are USELESS. I will include minitab as well if you want it.

It's $110 used when you can find it from the Bookstore. I'm asking $75.

Object Oriented Systems Analysis and Design (Hardcover)
by Noushin Ashrafi (Author)

Required text for ISM4113
Shows some wear, black tape on it from a bookstore.
Used from bookstore is $102.

Asking $60