Ok OF I had this car up for sale here B4,but now i realy need to sell it or trade it BC wifey is pregnet N this lincoln realy dont have that much space in the back for the baby n ****,Her due date is in NOV,So i have a couple months so not to much in a hurry.

00 LINCOLN LS V8 3.9
Body is 10 out of 10
Interior is 9 out of 10 (with sunroof)
Just hit the 141,000 miles witch is not bad for a 9 year old car
Car just got a OEM color paint job like 1 week ago looks super great not 1 scrach or dent on the whole car.
Along with the paint job also got brand NEW headlights n foggys (clear as can B)
Car is setting on a clean set of TIS 20inch wheels with alot of life lift on tires,
I also have a double din IN DASH TV made by pioneer ill thro in for the right trade or cash offer (they go for 1000 buxs at BESTBUY)

small hole in rear seat
front pass side window need new reg (might be fixed in a couple weeks)

So heres the deal i will only trade for another 4 door auto car for my wife,i dont want ur swap eg or ek i already got 1 n I need a DD for wifey or i would sale out right for 9,500 obo.
The only reason im doing this is BC i need more back space for the baby.
Many ppl fron here can vouch for this car for how clean it is n how well i take care of it,i clean the wheels n car weekly n polish the wheels onces a month in and out,

Heres some pics sorry its derty havent cleaned it this week its been rainning like crazy.